Following is a special prayer prepared by our own Larry Biehl.  Following the prayer are some inspirational videos.

'We ask You, Heavenly Father, in these trying times, that You grant to our nation's leaders the wisdom, strength and courage to make the correct decisions that are necessary to see us through this unprecedented challenge.

We ask that You watch over the thousands of medical workers, law enforcement and military personnel and volunteer citizens who are in harm's way. We ask that You keep safe their families from this unseen menace.

We ask that You protect the most vulnerable of our citizens, the aged, the very young and the ill.

Our transgressions are many, oh Lord.
We often times turn away from Your loving care and guidance, but now we once again turn to You, oh God.

With Your grace, compassion and love, we will overcome perhaps our most difficult challenge that we as a Nation have encountered.


We ask this in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ. Amen'

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