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This page is dedicated to Fishing & Hunting activities/stories/etc.

Bills Turkey May 24.jpg

Bill Myskowski's big smile tells it all in May 2024!


At 81 years young, Bill called in this big beautiful turkey, gobbling and strutting, taken with his 20 gauge on the first day at 10:46, with Sandy's lucky homemade chocolates in his pocket.

The turkey weighs in at a whopping 22.6 pounds  with a 10 1/4 inch beard!

One of Bill's biggest turkey of all of his 36 Long Beards that God has blessed him over the years.

As Bill blessed the Turkey, he thanked God for allowing him to be in the woods today and for this beautiful Gobbler. 'You gotta be in the woods' Bill's favorite saying!

Bill Myskowski  took this beautiful Birthday Buck, a big 8 pointer, on Nov 3 at our cabin, Three Maples, during Archery.


And this Buck is Bill's 10th Birthday Buck, all in a row, 8 pointers and 9s and 10s, all at our cabin, during Archery. 

Bills Buck Nov 23_edited.jpg

Bill Myskowski took this big and beautiful 8 pointer at his cabin, Three Maples, for his special birthday. With a 20 inch spread and 160 pounds, Bill took the Birthday Buck after just one day of hunting. 

Bill's 9th Buck in Archery season in the last 9 years, all 8s, 9s and a 10 pointer. Bill's crew, wife Sandy and Scottie Snuggles The Tracker, are sure proud of and happy for Bill!

Bill Myskowski Deer 2022.jpg

Bill Myskowski took this beautiful 8 pointer for his Birthday Buck at our cabin, Three Maples, in Lycoming County, during Archery. Bill has celebrated his last 8 birthdays with a 7 pointer, six 8 pointers and a huge 10 pointer! 

Hunting in the great outdoors keeps Bill young. He really knows how to celebrate Birthdays!

To all the MERA Hunters and Outdoors People, God's blessings of good health and great joy.

Bill and Sandy Myskowski


As we are preparing for the upcoming hunting season, Bill and Sandy Myskowski reflect on our 2020 hunting adventures....what a Season!


Bill took this huge 8 pointer during Archery, with his crossbow, at the end of November.  With the Buck's unusual antlers, we called him Nubbie.  And we had one heck of a time getting the big Buck back to the cabin, crossing a couple of creeks and through the woods.

In Rifle, Sandy hunted for 4 days, morning and afternoon, and did not see a Buck, other than a spikie.  On Wednesday evening, I told Bill that I was just weary.  Bill encouraged me to go out on Thursday.

No Buck Thursday Morning.  At 3:30, this Buck with long tines came through the woods.  A big beautiful 9 pointer, my biggest Buck ever!!


Perseverance paid off for both of us and we are looking forward to this year's adventures in the woods.

Good Luck and Good Hunting to everyone.


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