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  • April 24th - Hike & Happy Hour, Exeter River Trail & Island Pizza

  • April 25th - Anniversary Luncheon @ Victor Emmanuel's

The Met-Ed Retirees Association (MERA) would like to remind you that all our member communications – newsletters, trip flyers, event invitations – are now coming to you as email. We can no longer send information to members through the US Mail (except for the handful of members who have no access to email).


In October of 2022, MERA was informed that FirstEnergy will not support our organization until a new HR Policy is developed. We don’t know when that will happen.  Without the assistance of FE, MERA had to immediately move member communications to emails.


The emails come from MERABERKS. If you have not been receiving MERA’s monthly newsletter email or cannot open it, please send an email to MERABERKS@GMAIL.COM with your name, email address, phone number and the description of your problem. You may need to update your email address with us or it may be easier to use a family member’s email address. We will be glad to help you find a solution!


Thank you!


The purpose of the Met-Ed Retirees Association of Berks County shall be to carry on activities to provide a means of friendly association for retired employees, to foster among them a continuing fellowship and a spirit of mutual helpfulness; to maintain their communication with the company, and to participate in activities that are of service to the community, contribute to the progress of the Association and promote the happiness, well-being and usefulness of the membership.

Please forward all questions/comments to:

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